Fu*k Fast Fashion

Thrift stores, Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brands to Support Instead of Fast Fashion. The only good thing quarantine has done to IG users is to educate on slow fashion (which generally scores better overall on both ethical and sustainable fronts.) I’m not making this up, most of the influencers, who were earlier posting *fast fashionContinue reading “Fu*k Fast Fashion”

Spring Summer 2020 Hair Trends To Test-Drive In Quarantine

PSA : Your go-to hairstyle is about to break up with you. Since we’re all living this new normal life, an at-home haircut is perfectly acceptable. But have you ever thought how to rock with impulsive haircut once lockdown expires? Thankfully, the Spring Summer 2020 runways and new spins from Instagram graced us with top-notchContinue reading “Spring Summer 2020 Hair Trends To Test-Drive In Quarantine”

Desi Makeup kweens : The Ones You Should Follow During Quarentine

Searching for online style inspo with desi twist? From my favorite US chics to the best desi baddie from Sydney and the coolest Canadians, read on for my eloborative post to get sneak-peak on the best melanated beauty blogs. Rowi Singh Who? Rowi Singh is an Australian-Indian style blogger who lives in the city ofContinue reading “Desi Makeup kweens : The Ones You Should Follow During Quarentine”

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